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About Us


Providing a safe home for rescued farm animals


To provide a safe, loving and happy home for rescued farm animals.

When Farm Haven Rescue takes in an animal, we commit to provide him or her with a safe environment, a healthy diet, access to veterinary care and a place to simply be who they are.

To connect with these animals so people can recognize them for the individual, curious and social beings they are.

Farm Haven Rescue is also a place where people can interact with our residents on their terms, in a context that invites questions into how humans treat farmed animals and what can be done about it. It is our hope that people come to understand that there is no difference between these animals and their beloved pets at home, and that each is an individual deserving of a long and happy life.

To connect people to their food and encourage them to live kindly.

It is our belief that by creating a positive experience, encouraging people to seriously look at their food choices and its impacts, and providing support for plant based eating, we can make a difference. We have started a community garden plot where guests and volunteers can get their hands dirty and help grow delicious vegetables. We plan to donate any surplus to local families in need. Our goal is to also help teach people how to grow their own food and live more compassionately and kindly.

Meet the Board

Matt Chaney

President & Founder

Matt founded Farm Haven Rescue in 2018 and after acquiring the current property, opened it’s doors in early 2019. His background is varied from maritime experience and HazMat response to chemical engineering and management. This has set him up well to deal with the myriad challenges that present themselves in a rescue environment.